East York Barbershoppers

About Barbershop

When it comes to explaining what the barbershop style is all about we can get really complicated, or keep things very simple. Let's start with simple!

Essentially barbershop singing boils down to taking a melody line and harmonizing to it using three other voice parts, to create four-part chords that really "ring"! The four parts are:

Lead - Sings the melody (most of the time at least)
Bass - Sings the low harmonies
Tenor - Sings the high harmonies
Baritone - Completes the chord, generally in a range higher than the bass but lower than the lead (but not always!).

If you have one guy singing each part you have a Quartet. If you have multiple guys singing each part you have a Chorus.

That's basically all there is to it!

Now for those of you who want to be more technical about it all, feel free to click here for a more detailed description of the barbershop style that we borrowed from the Barbershop Harmony Society website.