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1955: Rather Sing Than Eat Article (Macleans)
1970: CBC Segment (YouTube)
1980: CTV Stars on Ice (YouTube)
1995: International Competition - Miami Beach (Football Hero)
2010: Mecca for Crooners Article (Toronto.com)
2015: George Shields & Gordon Lightfoot (BHS Blog)
EYBS Videos
2016: Fall Competition
2018: Fall Competition
2019: Christmas Show
2019: Christmas Show (Full)
2019: Spring Competition (Winning Set)
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H4S (Harmonize For Speech)
H4S Inspirational Video
Harmony Hall Centre for Seniors
Sing Canada Harmony
What Is Barbershop??
Barbershop (Wiki Definition)
Barbershop (Wiki Project)
Barbershop In a Nutshell
Barbershop Quartet in One Day
Deke Sharon: Barbershop Pop Quiz
Future History of Barbershop (Dr. David Wright)
The African-American Origins of Barbershop
What Music Educators Should Know About Barbershop
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Choral Warmups Ear Training (Rob Westbrook)
Donya Metzger Day 46 (Laban Shapes)
Donya Metzger: 100 Vocal Exercises
Eric Arceneaux: Opening up the Voice
GNU Waterspout Warmup
HU 2008 Dave Calland
HU 2017 Steve Scott
HU 2018 Evan Boegehold
HU 2019 Jenn Cooke
HU 2019 Kim Newcomb
Indianapolis Children's Choir - Art of Vocal Warmup
Indianapolis Children's Choir Warm-Ups
Roger Hale: Choral Warm-up #1
Tony Leach Warmup
Music Theory
Bobby McFerrin - Pentatonic Scale
Intro to Music Theory & Notation for Barbershoppers (Dan Berlin)
Key Signature Chart
Training & Coaching
Deke Sharon: So You Think You Can't Sing
Deke Sharon: Why Doesn't Everyone Sing?
Jordan Travis: The Complete Singer
Katarina: How 2 Improve Singing
Toronto Singing Academy (Member Referral)
Tips & Tests
BPM: Overcoming Performance Anxiety
Katarina: Breathing Correctly
Straw Phonation (Dr. Ingo Titze)
Test: Tone Deaf Test
Test: Pitch Perception
Test: Pitch Test
Test: Rhythm
Tip: Singing After a Break
Best of / Famous Barbershop (Videos)
Ambassadors of Harmony: Virtual Christmas (2020)
Buffalo Bills (The Music Man)
Crossroads: Lucky Old Sun
Dapper Dans: Sandman
Marquis: I Will Never Pass This Way Again
Masterpiece: Tennessee Waltz
Midtown: Spiderman
Must See Barbershop Videos
Polaris (Youth in Harmony Quartet)
Signature: Dance With My Father
TNL: If I Can Dream
Voctave and Vocal Majority: A Million Dreams
Westminster Chorus: Greatest Showman Medley
Westminster Chorus: World Peace Medley
Other Local Choruses
Durham Men of Harmony (BHS)
Eastside Harmony (Sweet Adelines)
Habourtown Sound (BHS)
Humber Express (BHS)
North Metro Chorus (Sweet Adelines)
Scarborough Harmony Chorus (Harmony Inc.)
Toronto Northern Lights (BHS)
A Capella Sites & Videos
Cantus: Thrift Shop (Barbershop Parody)
Danny Fong & Meg Contini: Love at Home
Instachoir: Hallelujah
One Voice Children's Choir: Memories
Pentatonix: Royals
Sing! Festival 2020
Yonge Guns & Elliot Lurie: Brandy